Saturday, March 19, 2011

The last fruits of summer

Look what my mum made and sent for the wee girl - the last ripe cherries of summer.

They go beautifully with her basket of vegetables (a gift found last year under the Christmas tree)

I wonder if I smile sweetly I could talk her into knitting a few asparagus stalks too?

Pattern for the cherries, from this book


Anonymous said...

A sweet smile might do it, daughter! One, perhaps, like the one on your big girl's face has she models your "hippie" scarf. You'll have to email me the recipe. themother

Linda said...

How wonderful Shannon! So beautiful:)

Shannon said...

Yay! recipe and smile on their way Ma xx
I bet you could make them without instructions Linda! Next to my mum, you are the cleverest knitter I know! x

TwigandToadstool said...

they're just beautiful...and I think the best thing of all is that since your mama made those, each one of those knitted treasures is infused with LOVE!
xo maureen

W-S Wanderings said...

Sigh. All of that yummy handmade goodness just gets me smiling and feeling peaceful. So wonderful.

M. Bloom said...

Mmmm, delicious... (I'll take mine with some gravy on top!)

Shannon said...

You crack me up Bloom!
T&T and WSW I totally agree, cleverness and love x