Sunday, May 29, 2011

Safely tucked into a drawer

is the finished quilt for my big girl's tenth birthday this week.

I began on Sunday, February 13, declaring that I would devote two hours a day to the project. Since then I have cut and sewed 1716 blocks, 16.3m of borders and 8.1m of binding. I think I used several kilometres of thread and my machine is due for a service! I pretty much kept to my promise (to myself) that I would sew every day; often for far longer than two hours...tho I did have two weeks off this month while we were away. I am SO glad it is finished and with three days to spare.

I will put it over her late on Wednesday night while she sleeps, she will wake up on her birthday morning all snuggled and warm in her mummy's love. (After that I will post you some pictures).

With the quilt done I have time to do other stuff; today I had a little 'nanna nap' in the afternoon (what bliss).

This morning I knitted down to the first cable twist on the Milo vest I am making for the wee girl's birthday in July. I am a bit pleased about my progress because I actually bought the wool about this time last year...didn't get round to casting on til now tho.

I have also finished Hedwig (aka Harry Potter's owl) which I started last week at craft group.

I am a bit excited about my sudden bounty of 'free time' ...tho my beloved suggested that I finished the cross stitch that has been in the cupboard (on and off) for about 18 years.. it might be closer to the two decade mark; maybe I will...


momma rae said...

your quilt is beautiful. i absolutely love that she will wake to it wrapping her in warmth and love!! your hedwig is super cute!!

M. Bloom said...

Mazel tov on the quilt! (and that Hedwig... she's a cutie!)


anna said...

Such gorgeous treasures you create! Your family's world is a truly beautiful one.