Monday, June 20, 2011

Early winter festival for the wee ones

On Saturday evening just gone our playgroup joined with two other groups of little ones and their families for a little ones winter festival.
We gathered at 4:45pm for pumpkin soup (made with some of the plentiful pumpkins from the garden) and fresh made bread ...My wee one  and I had much fun kneading and then watching the dough rise before punching it down again.

The dark of the evening came quickly as we packed away our cups and bowls, then we lit our lanterns and sang as we walked ~
Through the darkness we shall go
with our candles all aglow
Hearts grow warm, 
our way grows bright
as we hourney through the night.

Out of the spiral and up to the raging bonfire and then home not long past 6pm to put the wee ones to bed.

Thursday this week is the winter festival at the big girl's school ~ such fun ~ fire eurythmy and lantern everywhere.
Happy winter solstice for tomorrow ~  summer solstice for my northern friends.


Jane (and Lou) said...

And tomorrow is the winter solstice. Have a great celebration, because, you know what, then the days start to get longer again, meaning that Summer will come again! We are planning a celebration of candle light and hot cocoa!

Julie said...

Happy solstice to you, as well!

Domestic Artisan said...

Happy Winter Solstice to you and yours. We'll be light candles and ringing bells tonight to celebrate : )