Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Craft Group ... Winter is coming and so are the icicle gnomes

This wee fellow is our model for the next two weeks; he came from Netherland in a suitcase and is now living in Brisbane in quite different weather. He was made many years ago by one of our regular craft group members for her classroom when she was teaching at a Steiner school in Holland. We are all a bit excited to be making one of our own ~ he really is quite beautiful with his silk beard, cute little nose and pale blue cloak.

The felt has all been hand dyed and today we collected all the bits we will need to complete him (a few of us collected enough for for us to keep and one to sell at our craft stall during festiValley in August).

(I have made a PDF pattern of this winter gnome to sell (thus raising some money for our school). The pattern is $5 and includes instructions ~ NB it assumes that you know how to make a formed head, but does include 'how to' directions for his cute little nose. Please leave a comment, with your contact details if you would like to buy one.)

Mine are in a bit of a state of undress...
tho they are a little more advanced than you can see here; one is even standing up now! Mind you I did it all at home... I never get anything done at craft!

I am finding it increasing difficult to attend craft group ~ we have a wonderful outdoor space (and even some of those great patio heaters) but it is completly unfenced and the wee girl runs in all directions, disappearing in the blink of an eye (i.e. me looking down momentarily to cut something or do a few quick stitches) I seem to spend most of my time racing about after her, pulling her out of her big sister's classroom, and lately finding her with her pants around her ankles declaring "wee". She is completly disinterested in the sandpit but will hold still for Oooo say 10 minutes or so to demolish her lunch box (usually within 5 minutes of arriving). Next week is the last craft group of term before the holidays but next term we might have to take a break.

I want to say thank you for all of your thoughts and kind words after our old boy Wibur died last week. I still find myself crying quite regularly ~ my poor big girl found herself consoling me in the pet food isle at the supermarket, and my husband offered his broad shoulders when I broke down vacuuming Wilbur's sunny patch of carpet. We planted a Lemon Myrtle on his grave, maybe in spring when new leaves shoot out in abundance I can share a cup of fresh herbal tea with him.


Southern Season Exchange said...

Oooohhh I love this little icicle gnome. I am going to study your pictures as I would love to make one.

I really relate to you talking about the difficulties of crafting and a little one. I have a four year old and 2.5 year old and I am only just now beginning to do a little bit of crafting around them [at home! in the confines of our house] but have never managed it in a group setting, especially outdoors. I always ended up chasing the kids looking longingly at everyone else quietly making/ having a conversation/ drinking tea, while I would be looking very frazzled chasing kids who were exploring in opposite directions!

In fact, it is not just crafting it is being outdoors anywhere that was difficult for a period, where I had to be 100% vigilant! There is a certain age where my little ones went from being happy pottering nearby to just wanting explore [and take their clothes off!].

When my little girls was born I had to seriously alter where I visited by myself as Jasper was not yet 2 but incredibly fast and whenever I would have to sit and feed Marina he would have disappeared in the time I had put her on my breast to looking up again. Terribly exhausting until I realised it wasn't any fun for anyone so for a period of time I just couldn't go to any park that wasn't contained, near a busy road or certainly not near water! It wasn't worth the stress, heart stopping moments where I thought I had lost my little one.
Now that Jasper is four I am starting to feel confident again about visiting the beach and outdoor places that were certainly off limits not so long ago. However, I still have two little kids who like to explore so when I meet with friends at the park or beach I still don't get to sit down and have a cuppa but somehow I am used to that now!
And in regards to crafting....most of the time it has to be done when the kids are asleep and tiny little bits when they're awake, as long as I don't mind chaos happening somewhere while I stitch!

little gnome said...

Love the little gnome....may have to attempt one if I can find a spare sec! Ha - tales of your little one sounds very familiar....our lunchbox is devoured in about the same amount of time - however while there is food still in there - she is as quite as a mouse. Last week at playgroup I didn't even attempt picking up needle and thread!

Sounds like toilet training is going well then ;)

Ronnie said...

Ohhh I love this little gnome. I was looking last night at some pictures of standing king winter dolls as I would love to make one for my nature table. Does your group ever sell kits? I would love a kit for the gnome.
As for being able to attend craft I really do understand. I was going to a lovely school based group last year bit have found it challenging and unproductive this year. My 5year old is bored and does not want to play eith the other children - preceding to find sticks to fish with or be spears which I am fine with just not around other children and my little shadow will not leave my side preferring my lap to anything else. There is of course the lull of snack but like your little one it is short lived. I have decided that for now we mostly skip craft group which I miss terribly but instead I spend that morning each week doing things that my children enjoy and are interested in. We go to paint and play once a fortnight and on the other weeks have been busy playing, baking, visiting different parks etc.
Hang in there I am sure in a year or to you will be able to achieve more than 5minutes of stitching!

Anonymous said...

please please put a tutorial up for this i love it sooooo much how cute are the arms!!!!
much love melxx

Linda said...

What a beautiful gnome Shannon, perfect for winter. I think I must try to make one, will you be posting a tutorial? Sending you love and light dear friend, it isn't easy when our beloved pets leave us...

Domestic Artisan said...

What a darling gnome! I was looking at making a King Winter for the table if I could find the time.. It seems from reading your blog and others that there is no great time for crafting with little ones. Bubs only ten months but either active or understandably just wants mum. Nights work which always reminds me of little elves making shoes & clothes : )

anna said...

Oh I completely adore your beautiful wintery gnome - somehow he encapsulates everything I love most about winter. I hope you and your family are healing a little after your loss and that there is some peace to be found in the beautiful you create x

Tania said...

Oh, possum. I am very sorry to hear your Wilbur news. May the Lemon Myrtle grow in celebration of Wilbur and therapeutic tea and craft be undertaken while sitting beside it (while the small one goes about her business without the need for Mama rescue).

Jeanne Rogers said...

The icicle gnome ia darling and I would like to buy a pattern from you.


Anonymous said...

Are the icicle gnome patterns still available? Would love to buy one!

Shannon said...

They sure are, I'll email you. Thanks.