Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birthday cakes and balloons

I LOVE cake, it is one of my very favourite things to eat... and there is just something so very good about butter icing (and I don't like butter..well not in its raw form but whip it with sugar, bake it, toast it, saute' in it). And I love making birthday cakes; I fill them full of love and can't wait to share them with family and friends.

This year I made extra cakes, little felt party cakes in lieu of lolly bags... two years olds don't need lolly bags.

They were fun to make (a little stressful because I left it to the last few days but worth it). I will do a little tutorial sometime... maybe in spring, after the school fair.

The wee girl got some lovely gifts... these are a few of my favourites (all from me... My mother made her the most delightful knitted turtle I will take a picture soon and show you).

The little Alice in Wonderland was made by Cynthia who blogs The Fairies' Nest and sells her stunning creations through her etsy shop. The swiss cheese, felted mice and painted silk play scape were made by Lori of Beneath the Rowan Tree I snaffled it as soon as she posted it on her blog; she has a beautiful etsy shop too. The little owl fabric in the background is a cotton and linen satchel made by a talented friend Helen, her brand name is Asher and I think she will have an online shop soon. Harriet you'll drive me wild! is another of my favourite Mem Fox books (I'm sure we had a copy but for all the looking I did on the too crowded bookshelves I could not find it).

She had a lovely day. Thank you all for your happy words and wishes.


Julie said...

The felt cupcakes are darling and I loooove the doll from The fairies nest. Her work is gorgeous! And what a beautiful cake. Did you use a tutorial for making the texture?

Domestic Artisan said...

Such gorgeousness (is that a word now?!). The cake looks scrumptious and the felt ones are just darling a tutorial would be happily recieved please! And such a lovely lot of presents. I love baking but can't decide what to do for bubs first birthday cake...

Linda said...

Dear Shannon,
The birthday cake is amazing, it looks like roses all around the cake and the felt cakes you made are wonderful, I hope you do a tutorial soon:)
Take care

Melissa Luxmoore said...

Happy happy birthday Wee girl.....looks like you had a beautiful day.

Meg said...

Happy Birthday to your wee one! I love the felt cupcakes. A great idea as party favours. My hubby is a dentist so I'm always looking for things to replace lollies for the kids. Will look forward to the tutorial!...thanks for sharing your special moments and creations with us! :-)

Nadja said...

Oh, the joy on that little face! My own wee one turned two last week, and it tugged my heart is a most enchanting age, and I will not see it again in a child of mine.

The gifts are very, very lovely!

themother said...

Your big cake is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Like a pink wedding bouquet. I'm very, very impressed.