Monday, July 4, 2011

Where is the green sheep?

Well this one, and the accompaning story, is in California. Celebrating with a wee Bloom who has just made his first full lap of the sun.

I love *Mem Fox, well I don't actually know her but I love her books (most of them; there are a couple of dodgy ones...Night noises comes to mind). My wee girl enjoyed this book so much when she was about one...not talking but raising both her hands, palms up, and looking at me quizzically each time I asked the question "where is the green sheep". As she got older she would grab the book and turn the pages madly to find him - squealing with delight when she did.

Now that she is very nearly two the enthusiasm has not waned...she is learning colours and opposites, nouns and a bit of all round cuteness.

Happy birthday baby Bloom ...and to your mamma who loved you long before you were born. xx

If you fancy making a sheep, a rainbow of sheep or just a little white sheep visit Linda's etsy shop mamma4earth for this pattern... you might just find yourself buying a few extra patterns...alpaca, lion, goose, hedgehog....(I did) And if you can't knit, Linda will knit one for you!

*Mem Fox is probably Australia’s most highly regarded picture-book author. Her first book, Possum Magic, is the best selling children’s book ever in Australia, with sales of over three and a half million cpoies. Mem has written over thirty picture books for children and five non-fiction books for adults, including the best-selling Reading Magic, aimed at parents of very young children.I can highly recommend Reading copy is missing, borrowed and not returned (they obviously thought highly of it too).


Linda said...

Oh Shannon, how sweet!! What a beautiful book, I must go and have a look at these books for Kye, I think he will love them too! Your green sheep turned out lovely my friend, thank you so much for linking to my shop and writing such kind words:)

Julie said...

I love it! Linda's patterns are so sweet. I love seeing all the new animals she comes up with. and that book looks like a great one, too. I'll have to check it out for my own sheep lovin' gal.

M. Bloom said...

Thank you again for the beautiful gift for Mr. Wee Bloom... After his party (still full of energy but utterly exhausted) I rocked him to sleep to the rhythmic rhyme of the book... clearly the newest favorite in our house, too. (And I love the book "Possum Magic"... makes me think of the little fellow with whom you picnicked on peanut-butter sandwiches some months back!)

MamaWestWind said...

I love Mem Fox! I read her book on learning to read along time ago and it made so much sense to me. I haven't read this one. Now, I want to find it for my Owen and make a sheep too! I haven't tried to knit animals yet but I really want to learn.

Thanks for the inspiration!


Evi said...

That sheep is so darn cute! I have fond memories of reading that book over and over to my dear friends disabled daughter some years ago ..... and she loved it and never failed to bring it to me whenever I visited! Thanks for showing!

Evi said...

...oh, and I am interested in one of your kits but cant find your email anywhere. Could you contact me?

MamaWestWind said...

ooh, I wanted to tell you that my ds Owen had Bday money so we went and got the bi-lingual board book version of this. Now, I can't wait to make the green sheep. He loves the book!