Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Little blood suckers and some rain on our parade

I have a feeling caught somewhere between shock and joy... Shock that after all the hard work, stress and countless hours of time and energy in volunteer crafting, FestiValley was cancelled. Yep, called off last Thursday afternoon - the BOM forecast buckets of rain for Saturday and so the decision was made to postpone the fair and fun (lucky too because it rained all day in sheets... and it was cold and horrid and well, wet!).

Joy? Yep somewhere inside me was such sweet relief at the news. I still had three dolls to finish, a moss gnome to put together, a few capes to embelish.... and some other stuff that I have conveniently forgotten...for now. The new date for Festivalley is Saturday October 15.

Today at craft group we sat around, with hot chocolates and coffee munching some dodgy looking but quite delicious jam drops, celebrating (well we were suppose to be celebrating how much money we raised for the school at FestiValley...but we just put that aside).

I told the girls at craft this morning a little story, I will now share it with you.

Last week I had a sore spot on my back; you know the spot where if you reach up and over with one hand and down and up with the other your fingers will meet in the middle? that spot. It was tender and I scratched at it and it stung, I felt something odd and I pulled at it - it really hurt. I thought to myself, I wonder if  have just scratched off a mole or something? Feeling a bit stressed I grabbed a bandaid and showed my husband the sore spot that I couldn't see. I said have I got a mole or something there? He had a look, said "yep, looks half off and bleeding" and he wacked the bandaid on top.

All week it really hurt and itched like crazy, it was driving me nuts. Eventually I rang my GP (doctor) and booked a long appointment for Friday to have the half off mole competely removed.

This morning the bandaid came off and the itching was insane I asked my beloved if he could please just carefully scratch around it and then put a new bandaid on,  very obliging he is, he said "sure". He looked for a bit, and didn't scratch and then said "it is not a mole, it is a tick" ~ OH my eekkkkkkkk I have had a tick attached to my back and sucking away happily for a week! "Get it off!"

We have a tick twister tick remover, I bought it at the vet clinic quite some time ago... there was a bit of a frantic search for it in the over crowded bottom drawer. The little hook went under and he twisted. I screamed blue murder. Wow, that really, really hurt. Both girls came pelting through the house wondering what was going on that would make their mother scream like that...I tell you what, a week full of tick poison and a gigantic parasite being screwed out of my back! (the screaming made him stop, but the tick was still there so I had to endure another twist... horrid, horrid thing!)

I let it pose for some photographs

Then I squashed it (with quite some effort, strong little skull). I feel no remorse, my back is still very tender.


Nadja said...

I'm sorry, but I had to chuckle at your tick story...we have lately been overrun by ticks, not the larger ticks as you had, but the tiny deer ticks that are no larger than a freckle. Most of my posts of the last couple of weeks, including Monday's, make reference to this, and I am filled with the same loathing as you! Good riddance to your tick! I feel quite satisfied every time I squish one!

W-S Wanderings said...

Aaaaack!!!! And to think that the beast was dining on you FOR A WEEK!!! No doubt that there was "no remorse"!!! I will never look at a suspected mole or freckle in the same way again. EVER.

I'm so pleased that the weather bought you some crafting time. I strongly dislike crafting under pressure.

Evi said...

Sorry but I had a good laugh too! When we first bought our place in NSW, I also got my first tick - right at my bikini line! Like you I scratched, and eventually discovered a very happy little tick... and like you, my first reaction was "GET IT OFF"! Major ruckus about that tiny critter! Since then we have all had loads and they are a bit ho hum, but that first one still stands out!!

sonia said...

Oh, jeez! I hope you're ok! I know 2 people who contracted Lyme disease this summer and it's no fun at all. I'd make a dr. appt. to be extra careful so they can do a blood test and get you on antibiotics early should you show positive. Don't mean to freak you out, but it can be serious.
Take care!

m. bloom said...


anna said...

Oh what a HORRIBLE discovery to have made! And so disappointing about the festival, but I bet it was lovely to have some extra crafting time. I love your beautiful moss gnomes!

Jo @ Indigo Inspirations said...

Oh soon as you started the story my thoughts went to 'I bet it is a tick'. There is also a homeopathic remedy 'ixodes' (not sure about the spelling) which is the tick remedy.
Keep crafting.....great to have extra time. We have our Spring Fair next Saturday so I know the pressure of being ready. Xox Jo

S said...

News flash! A friend looked at the picture and declared it a paralysis tick; she is a vet nurse and I quote "We often treat cats and dogs who have paralysis ticks. Basically the paralysis usually starts at the low back end (weak and wobbly back legs) and works up and forwards as it goes affecting the blink reflex, swallowing action of the larynx (causes coughing or vomiting), and if left untreated in an animal will eventually stop them breathing. We're larger than most dogs so a single tick would have only minor effects on an adult but do keep an eye on the kids and pets"
And despite claims that Australia does not have Lymes disease there are an awful lot of people having the symptoms.
For more info google the 'Australian' Paralysis Tick'

S said...

Oh, and thank you Jo, I'll go look for that remedy.

Jo@Indigo Inspirations said...

Just had to pop back to find out the next happenings.....I know a little bit about ticks as one of my sons had bad reactions years back and one Open Day Violin performance I looked up to see that his forehead looked a little odd. He had woken in the night with a tick in his head and he was beginning to swell up about 6hrs later......of course it was a little scary so I did loads of research and found that really no one knew too much....hope you are ok....xox Jo

Stacey said...

Oh you poor thing!!! I got covered in ticks on a shoot once and I've never been so itchy or paranoid afterwards. My poor dog got really sick from one once too. Hope you're backs better : )

Rebecca said...

Ouchies... I still have marks on my hip and arm where I removed two of the horrid little suckers about two months ago! Horrible little suckers! I completely sympathise with you!