Sunday, September 18, 2011

Violet Trading

Anna Branford writes stories for children; she also writes bloggy snippets for grown ups ~ I like both very much.

At the end of June, Anna announced that she had received a gold(ish) star for her book writing efforts. The gold(ish) star is actually quite bronze and it is in fact a sticker in the shape of a circle but who am I to rain on her parade?

I am a fan of these particular bronze stickers, perhaps I might even be a collector. Only a few books get one each year. They are given out by The Children’s Book Council of Australia to identify the short-listed books for the Australian children’s book of the year award.

Anna got one…well Violet Mackerel got one for her brilliant plot as told by Anna.

I left a comment after the post asking Anna what it might take to get myself a signed copy of Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot; Anna suggested a trade. Ah “what a most fabulous idea” I replied, then I asked her “What is your heart's desire?”

Anna desired a gnome, a wintery icicle gnome, like this one.

Too easy – the trade was a done deal.

Not too long after we got a parcel with not one but two books! (Both signed yay!)

My big girl started reading Violet Mackerel's Brilliant Plot the next morning on the school bus and finished it with a grin on the drive home that afternoon. She read Violet Mackerel’s Remarkable Recovery curled up on the lounge later that afternoon; humming and singing as she turned the pages. She finished it and declared “mum you just have to read it!”

So I did; I snuck off to bed early with the last of the connoisseur ice cream (which is so good it has its own face book page!), a spoon and two little books about a girl named Violet.

Violet is delightful, as are all the characters that fill in the spaces to make the stories. Her mother is a knitter ~ obviously making her a good woman with creative bones. Even though I had a good idea early on of how her brilliant plot might end up it was a wonderful ride getting there; especially the theory of finding small things and sparkly bits. Violets Remarkable Recovery hit a real soft spot for me; I loved it. I delighted in Anna’s narrative and found myself smiling often; especially at the end. I do love a feel good tale.

Go out and get yourself a copy of each, even if you don’t have a little person to read it to ~ they will look quite pretty on the shelf when you are done too.

Ps… there is a third Violet book, Violet Mackerel’s Natural Habitat ready for release next month (October 2011) and she's written one about Neville and Sophie too.


Jo @ Indigo Inspirations said...

I am an Anna Branford fan too probably introduced by you in blogland. I am yet to read her books but am just thinking I have some special little ones who might just like them for Christmas...thanks for the reminder.xox Jo

Tania said...

Excellent. I love a book recommendation. I also heartily approve of your dealings with nice ice cream.

W-S Wanderings said...

Well, I think both Anna and you are lucky. What a trade! Awesome. I love book recommendations too.

M. Bloom said...

Oh, hum. I looked up Anna's books some months ago and learned they are no-way, no-how available to us folks here in the U.S. of A. Oh, hum, and woe is me.

anna said...

What a gorgeous post and comments to read! There, you've all gone and completely made my day :) Thank you so much for such kind thoughts.

Its true alas that the books aren't out in the UK or the US yet but they will be quite soon. These two editions will be different from the Australian books though - I am itching to see them myself!