Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spring Pins

On Monday I read Anna's blog post about bad hair and good mail. Anna has a few theories about  different things and seeing as how I was waiting on a little parcel of my own I mused that I could work a bad hair day in.

Tuesday I didn't bother washing my mop and I didn't brush it either... it didn't actually look bad (which was possibly my undoing) it just looked usual. Maybe my hair always looks bad? Anyway no mail.

BUT Wednesday, the day after my shabby hair day... a cushion just bursting with spring time pin floralness dropped on my doorstep!

How pretty it is, how lucky am I. Look at the detail... I am still trying to work out if those flowers were done by hand or machine; the stitches are so tiny they must have been done by machine but I couldn't make a machine turn on a pin head like that so thus it must have been by hand. And look ~

Even the base is bursting with colour and tiny quilting. Thank you so much Leisa.


softearthart said...

It sure is pretty, cheers Marie

Linda said...

So beautiful!!
Have a peaceful weekend my friend:)
xo xo

W-S Wanderings said...

Oh my. SO wonderful!!! But I'm starting to feel insecure about my pincushion contribution...

Now, maybe I'll need to try the theory, if I understand it correctly, in reverse and actually DO something to my hair. Maybe if I have a GOOD HAIR DAY, my much anticipated parcel will arrive.

Nanette said...

A gorgeous pincushion,so beautifully made. I'm sorry I missed the pincushion swap, maybe you'll do another?

Rebecca said...

I only wash and brush my mop when going in public... and then not always... maybe I should check my PO Box more often ;-)