Sunday, July 22, 2012

I think this cake counts as craft...

There was a fair bit of painting and ribbon twirling, gluing and praying to a higher being that it would balance... I re-read the fine print of the 'inspiration cake' instructions a billion times (pink, covered in musk sticks and actually looks nothing like this one...) "This cake is not difficult, it is however time consuming"

Yep, it is not IS however quite time consuming... good, fun craft generally is tho.

Day 1 - de-rock the little craft wood rocking horses to create hooves (little bit of sanding then go back to bed because I am dying with a nastly flu virus, as are both girls)

Day 2 - paint little horses (then go back to bed again with girls)

Day 3 - twirl ribbons round sticks, bake cakes, ice cakes with amazing quantities of fondant stuff, stick horses in cake and then go to bed declaring myself too exhausted to continue (and too terrified to put the top on anyway)

Day 4 - Hold party at a local park so that I have to transport the cake several blocks and around MANY corners (this caused a ridiculous amount of stress to everyone but the birthday girl who was oblivious).

Sing Happy Birth Day. Blow out candle. Eat cake.

* Raspberry yogurt cake recipe from teaforsix

 "Well that was fun... what shall we do next year mum?"


M. Bloom said...

It came out beautifully -- yours was much prettier than the photo you sent to me of the cake in the recipe-book!

Stacey said...

Incredible!! You did an amazing job, especially with a sick household. It's fantastic : )

Deb said...

Oooh lovely! I really like the changes you've made, much nicer than the Women's Weekly version! We just made the same cake this year but with swans! Now I know my other half can do such great cutting, I'm putting my orders in for more wooden animals! Our cake had white choc icing as we thought the pink was a bit much! So funny reading about it all, the sanding, painting, ribbons... DEFINATELY counts as craft! But thank goodness we only had to carry ours to the table - that was scary enough! Well done!

sister outlaws said...

psBefo35Wow! I love that carousel cake!