Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oi! No eating in the patch!

Tis strawberry season... the girls and I took my mum (who is visiting) for a little drive up the coast to some lovely ripe strawberry fields... we skipped a little though the rows and picked big fat, ripe berries and plonked them into our tubs. Loads and loads of them, there was some overflow - they were sweet and warm from the sun... they made our tastebuds tingle

It really was a delightful way to spend an hour - cause it just doesn't take that long to pick a couple of kilos of strawberries.. and I am only feeling a little guilty that we all ate one (or two) in the patch because a quarter of us can't read signs anyway.

and another quarter of us (me) paid $16 a kilo for the rest! Eeek! Ah well there are worse things to spend money on.

Happy holidays.


Stacey said...

Hello! What a lovely way to spend a day, I'm loving the strawberries that are just coming in now. Hope you're all well.

Ramona said...

No eating in the patch and paying 16$ per kilo??? WoW. We were picking organic strawberries, paid 3,50 Euro/kg and were allowed to eat as much as we like.

Glad you enjoyed the day anyway.

Natalie said...

YUM. I have been buying a punnet a week - even at $10 I cant resist with some raw clotted cream :)

S said...

Hi Stacey - lovely to hear from you again!
Ramona 3.5 Euro is about $13AU so still expensive but organic and being able to eat as many as you like is a far better deal.. they are only about $10/kilo in the supermarket at the moment but it was fun all the same.
You eat as many strawberries as you like Natalie - you deserve it! x

W-S Wanderings said...

Yum! We didn't go picking this year but we ARE waiting to see what the wild's raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries are going to do this year. Ripen? Or fizzle out in this drought? Surely they will ripen and fall into our baskets.

Craft-Chronicles said...

We are lucky enough to have some growing that the possum's haven't got too! Also waiting for those wild blackberries. You are featured (AGAIN) at Craft Chronicles