Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ahh it has been another long break but today I have been prompted to dust off the laptop and remember my password!

Way back (such a long time ago I can't even really remember when) Mrs Bloom, from We Bloom Here hosted a brooch swap. I had dug my heels in some time ago and announced I was not going to do anymore swapping (deadlines and I are not the greatest of friends). But Mrs Bloom smiled sweety and next thing you know I was fretting about what I was going to make!

Today (some months late but it is ok because the lateness was mutual) my partner and I swapped in person while our little ones played in a local park. How very cool. Turns out in the time since signing up for the swap Stacey, from Domestic Artisan, has moved house and is 'practically' my neighbour (practically in that I could walk to her house if I was feeling particularly enthusiastic).

Stacey made me two chicken brooches. I LOVE them, particularly the lanky legged one (she looks somewhat like our very own Dingabell). The wee girl is currently wearing the yellow one. I forgot to take pictures of my creations but they were very green (Stacey likes green).

On the way home I dragged the girls into the local yarn shop and bought a little cotton...

I am going to make these mice and a blanket full of these African flowers, the big girl says she is going to help.

Oh and in a small (vain) effort to play blogging catch up we bought a house (will come back to that another day) and we grew some beans (This obviously gives me great credit as a farmer, yes?)


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Natalie @ the little gnomes home said...

Fancy that! You know Stacey and I are Sydney friends from our lovely playgroup here :) Oh it is such a small word.....now she is your "neighbour". Very excited about the house (have been meaning to ask about all those pictures I have been seeing). Gorgeous beans.

Lovely to have you back blogging!!

Happy crocheting xx