Thursday, March 18, 2010

We did a bit of easter felting at craft yesterday

I find it quite stressful some weeks coming up with something new and interesting to do; who's crazy idea was it for me to be craft group co-ordinator?- tho this week was easy because Easter is such a wonderful theme - we had a great morning hatching little chicks out of eggs. (I made the tiny "twins" on the right).
Short and sweet tonight because I am simply shattered with complete lack of sleep, my wee girl is not being very kind to me in the dark hours! goodnight all.


Melissa said...

OH my God they are so cute! I love them!

softearthart said...

OH How sweet these Easter chickies and there eggs are, cheers Marie

AllSensesArt said...

Isn't it exciting that people around the world are making felted chicks!
I've only just put up a post about Easter Bunny Felted Glove puppets and I added a coouple of pics of felted chicks made by my son.
Yes Easter is a lovely time for making.
PS Your sea horses are absolutely beautiful too. Best wishes