Monday, May 3, 2010

Another public holiday Monday

'trades and labour day' or some such - who cares! yay we went to the beach.
I looked at the map and picked 'Mermaid' beach because I liked its name and we have never been there (as good as a reason as any don't you think?)

The wee girl loved the sand and giggled madly splashing in the water too - it was 27 degrees Celcius today and the water was really very warm (i rolled up my jeans but still managed to get quite wet to the knees)

and of course the big girl had a ball

I got quite a bit of sock knitting done on the drive there - I'm now heading confidently towards the toes. I snoozed on the way home (all that sunshine) but opened my eyes as we drove through the Clem 7 tunnel - which goes under the Brisbane river and out the other side - just because we could...which reminds me; I'd better look up how to pay the toll.


mm said...

The hat! It fits!

gardenmama said...

Mermaid beach! I would go just for the name too! : ) It looks like a great day, the ocean water here is still f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!! : )

Melissa Luxmoore said...

Couldn't take my eyes of the gorgeous hat and stunning top the tiny little mrs is wearing....she's grown so much!

S said...

Yes mm the hat fits - it is our favourite because I can tie it on her head!

Another month or so Gardenmama and you will be swimming and we won't be!

Melissa my sister bought her the hat in New York when she was travelling about late last year - it has a matching long sleeved shirt/jacket too - tiny little geckos all over it - very cute indeed.
I think you could make the top - print the cupie dolls on and then sew the skirts - they are just like the dolls on sticks you get at the Ekka.