Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Last night while my friends knitted

I made a head. I needed their support - making doll heads is very hard; my hands get cramps, my fingers bleed and i whine a bit. it is just ridiculous how much wool can be stuffed into such a tiny space.

I am thinking of a name...i have time, she is far from finished! the wee girl is too tiny to give her a name but it is important to be loved and to have a name to be loved by don't you think?

I felt a bit guilty about not knitting (and i haven't been for ages either) but the others didn't mind a bit and i am keeping the socks in the car so they get worked on often - still i swear they are never ending. My dear friemd suggest last night that because my knitting is so fine i could have used bigger needles! arrrrgggggg i guess it would be a bit too noticable if i used bigger ones on the other sock?

and last of all for no other reason than because i love this picture i am sharing it with you. The wee girl and Mia shared a moment this morning - i wonder what they were thinking.


mm said...

They are both thinking, "let me out".

Heidi said...

My little one's nickname from when she was tiny is "Nani"...
I like that for a dolly's name...
I love your photo... ♥

Linda said...

I can't wait to see your finished doll:) The last photo is precious:)