Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Craft Group - Bees

Bees...dozens of little buzzing bees.

It was SO much fun. We started with the tiniest little pine cones any of us had ever seen (you can see them in the background of the picture above) we wound yellow wool around and around and then tied on little wings, made from tracing paper, with gold thread; so EASY!

And because I am inspired by Childhood Magic to add more wood to our crafting we hunted down stray sticks from the ground around us and i give you - Bee's on sticks -

It makes me feel a little dizzy
To watch the bees so small and busy
They gather pollen at all hours
To make the honey from the flowers

Christina T Owen 

On the way home the wee girl giggled herself silly trying to catch this one.


gardenmama said...

the last photo is too cute : )
what a sweet project!

mm said...

you should make some native Blue Banded Bees!
That wee girlie, she's adorable.

Love Bytes said...

where would one find said tiny pine cones? i wanna do this with my lot! tan.x.

S said...

Yes MM I probably should..perhaps I'll send you one.
Tan, I think they are from Pencil Pines...but the good new is my friends in Canberra are scouring the ground for some (lots) more so I'll give you some when i have them.

erin said...

such an adorable project!

Jen said...

Oh so cute!!!! I love them! I just signed up to follow your blog - so excited :D