Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Celebration and a little Aussie Giveaway

So 100 posts... fancy that. I haven't done a giveaway before ~ my beloved thinks I am nuts "give it away and pay for postage too?" well why not I say it will be fun. So I don't mind where you live, they are not too heavy to post... but I'll get back to that in a minute.

Today we went for a wander in the bush ~ at Bunyaville which can't be more than 10 minutes drive from home, first we had a picnic on the grass and then set off for a walk. I needed some sticks to make wooden buttons with but apart from that we had no adgenda.

if you look very carefully on the left you will see an orange lacewing butterfly on a leaf ~ just reminded me of this craft group post 'leaf pocket butterflies'

While we were wandering my beloved read a sign that said if we looked up we might see a Koala. Yeah right I thought. The wild Koala populations are in serious decline - they are not listed as endangered yet but they are a threatened species. See the Australian Koala Foundation for more information. Turns out we are a hopeful lot because we gave ourselves cricks in the neck searching the canopy above us for any sign of a grey furry lump.
Onward we marched, picking up sticks (for buttons) and listening to cockatoos screech at each other and to the kookaburrahs laugh (we told the big girl they we laughing at her). My beloved said "what's that lump in the tree" I zoomed in an I spied a furry ear on that lump in the tree!
I walked closer through the knee deep grass praying I was scaring the snakes away, the big girl in hot pursuit, Yep a Koala, a real live wild one!
We were everso excited. It kept scuttling around the other side of the tree each time I moved to get a better shot and this is a much zoom as I could muster BUT how cool is that? it made our day.

of course we had our own little Koala sleeping on her daddy's back

Well now my exciting news is told, on to the giveaway...

Here it is:
a hand made, by me, Kangaroo and her joey - 100% wool felt, wool fleece stuffing with a little river sand for balance and,
a new paperback copy of one of my all time fvourite children's books Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by the famous and wonderful Australian author Mem Fox.
You can listen to Mem read this story aloud and see the stunning illustrations here.

So what do you need to do? First up you'd best leave a comment BUT not just any old comment. Tell me what my favourite Australian Animal is (you might have to do a little blog searching) AND yours too ~ I might even make one. If you are really keen you can pop in each day after that and say hi til I pick a random winner next week ~ This giveaway has ended ~
I don't mind where you live as long as you have a postage address.


FroggyMama said...

Wow - what a beautiful day you had! I'm sure it's because we're not from Australia, but the animals and nature there seem so exotic and amazing to me. I can't imagine seeing a kangaroo hopping through the countryside, or a koala in a tree!

Looks like the wombat is your favorite (right?), I've only ever seen a specimen at the Smithsonian. I have seen lots of kangaroos and wallabies, though - I used to work with wallabies at my hometown zoo. Baby season was the best.

My favorite Aussie animal has to be the echidna - they're like cute little hedgehogs - only they lay eggs! Weird and cool. The babies are adorable too.

I love that kangaroo softie, and the book looks great. Thanks for the opportunity!

gardenmama said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!
It was incredible to see your walk in the woods and to see that you were able to spot a Koala! I like that you asked to know our favorite australian animals, my children and I went off to google and it was very interesting to see just what animals you are surrounded by. I will have to say (one) of our favorites is the Wallaby. I guess not too far off from the stunning softie you created. Thank you for sharing the link to the book, we are off to listen to this next!

ziezo said...

I guess yours is the wombat. I love the beautiful Australian animals you craft. I never had the privilege to travel to Australia, but it is certainly on my list of things to do.

My kids love Nigel Gray's "And kangaroo played his didgeridoo" where many of the native animals make their appearance. . . but in our house the cuddly koala, just like you spotted, still gets the most votes!

Liebe Lebenskunst said...

My guess is also the wombat :o) My favorite Australian animal is the koala. Whenever I drive by all the eucalyptus trees on the coast I wished I would see a koala bear sitting in them. But I guess that's rather unlikely in California ;o)


erin said...

Is it the wombat? I just love koala's. At the zoo, it is my favorite place to go. Sometimes the mama has her babe snuggled on top of her back.
What a lovely giveaway. Beautiful kangaroo.

Chamberman said...

Congratulations on your 100th post and keeping such a beautiful and inspiring blog.
It has inspired me and a few other mums to try and get a little craft group together [I should ask for some tips and how to start]. All of us new to craft and with 2 or more young kids so it will be a challenge but exciting.
I just love the Australian felt animals you have made and the commentary you provide about their habitat. I would love to make such beautiful toys for my children and for them to also grow up appreciating our unique flora & Fauna.I especially love the WOMBAT you made which I am pretty sure is your favourite animal. I also have a soft spot for wombats partly because I was nicknamed 'little wombat' when I was little.I look forward to reading your posts in the future and might try and ask my 3 year old and 1.5 year old what their favourite native animals are so you might hear from me again this week. All the best and thanks so much for the inspiration. Katie

Chamberman said...
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erin said...

I'm back to make another comment and tell you that the wombat creations are so cute! I see why you love them so well much. The pic of one you posted back in June is adorable, as is your softie depiction of it. :-)

Gea said...

o i love your give away!!
i live in the Netherland
we have'nt kangaroos here
i like too have one :)

katieL said...

You obviously love wombats. We do too! My brother brought my daughter a plush one from when he was in Australia with the US Navy. We sing a little song with it, "Wombat, wombat, what is a wombat? I am a wombat, what is that!?!" even though she is now 5! Love your blog and your craft group ideas. Love the little kanga giveaway too.

W-S Wanderings said...

Such a day of exotic (to Canadian me) sitings! Wonderful. And your softie is delightful. I'm also goin' with the wombat as your favourite animal. I'm partial to the numbat -- it's as though someone grabbed a chipmunk and mucked about with it.

And we *love* Mem Fox too. Really, such a wonderful giveaway :-)

Congrats on the 100th post!

twigandtoadstool said...

Thank you for telling me about your giveaway...in the busyness of harvest time I just don't get around to visiting all of my regular blog haunts!
Your favourite Australian animal would be the koala...they are to Australia what the beaver is to Canada! Congratulations on 100 posts! Your blog is just so full of creativity and great ideas, (and you've definately helped inspire me to start my own craft night...a friend and I are putting together some "handmade holiday" classes where parents can craft beautiful wool felt, and wooden toys for their kids.
Thank you for being out there!
xo maureen

ps...I'm not sure if I've ever heard of Mem Fox, I'm definately going to look her up!

Chamberman said...

Hi there again. I asked my little girl what Australian animals she liked and she started jumping around the room like a kangaroo going "Boing Boing" so I guess she loves the kangaroo. I think she also thinks you love wombats. Katie

W-S Wanderings said...

I'm keen, and back to say hi!


Elizabeth said...

What a great day! I can't imagine seeing a Koala in the wild. Australian animals are so unique.

My favorite would be either a kangaroo or koala. Have to admit I don't know much about many of the other animals.

Congratulations on your 100th post and your felt work is beautiful.

Blessings, Elizabeth

Nadja said...

We have the same camel-colored Ergo!

In nearby Kentucky we have a park called "Kentucky Down Under" and they have a wonderful array of Aussie animals. Last year my kids studied Australia, so we became familiar with a number of them, as well as having fun with aboriginal style art and doing a lot of map work.

I love koalas, but spiny anteaters are pretty cool, too!

Your giveaway is great...what a beautiful little Kanga and Roo!

erin said...

back for day 3. yay!

Pip said...

I believe yours is the wombat!!

I ahve to say at the momment my sons fav... well its a bird actually, is the Magpie Goose! He saw one in the zoo here in the UK! He hadc a full on chit chat with this Goose that kept pulling at his jacket pocket! He mimiced him and it was so funny to watch. looked like they were deep in conversation! My son tells everyone he can speek "Magpie Goose!
I love Koalas.... although i hear they are not as cuddley as they appear to be!!
New to this blog and loving what i am seeing. Fabby felting!! The wombats were soooo cute!!

momma rae said...

koalas must be one of the cutest creatures on earth!! love them and would much rather see them in the wild than the sightings we have had in zoos. grateful that my children have gotten to witness their magic though, even if it was in captivity. ;)

Alexandra and Julia said...

Wombat is your favorite animal, I will assume. Mine is Kangaroo - lame? Not at all. Even though I've never been to Australia but I've been surrounded by them all my life: when I was a little girl my favorite book was "Muffin the Mule" and my grand Ma made me Kangaroo Katie, I've met my future husband in a Kangaroo Bar in Florida and 3 1/2 years ago, when I was pregnant but didn't know the gender of my future child, I saw a Christmas Ornament with Kangaroo - it was a perfect symbol of my condition ( I still treasure that ornament), but now my daughter (yes, I had a little girl) is 3 year old and we are planning a family trip to Australia - I finally want to see this animal that played a huge part of my life. Oh boy, I din't mean to tell you my life story, but, I guess your Giveaway pushed all the right buttons! I'll keep my fingers crossed

TwigandToadstool said...

I'm entering again!
Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome Aussie giveaway!
xo maureen

Unknown said...

I think that wambat is your favorite animal and I think mine has to be the tree kangaroo! I find the idea of a tree kangaroo so delightfully silly, and the animal itself is just as cute as a button.

I find your blog so inspiring - thank you for sharing all of your beautiful work.

Amanda Pedro said...

wombat wombat, everywhere a wombat.
Love your softies and the Wednesday craft group things. The last group of gnomes created a few aaahs here.
thanks so much for sharing and I'm so glad I found you. Maybe through Twig and Toadstool.?

Chamberman said...

Hi Back Again and today I asked my little 3 year old boy which animal he liked and he seemed quite fascinated with the Tasmanian devil! He also thinks your favorite animal is the wombat.

erin said...

Leaving my comment, have a great thursday!!

twigandtoadstool said...

entering again! I love that little kangaroo!
xo maureen

momma rae said...

have i told you how adorable your kanga and joey are? ;)

woolies said...

I'm so excited that you saw a wild koala! WOW! And wombats (your fav) are so cool!
I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE animal lover. We have 9 animals on our little ranch - I adore horses and burros and donkeys and .... dogs and cats and javelinas (I live in the wild SW of US desert)...and I'm afraid I could go on forever! I recently knitted a mole - ! Off to read more of your blog!

Anonymous said...

oh.my.gosh. The kangaroo and joey is too cute! I'd love to have it in my son's collection. I can just imagine him thinking "she's carrying him, just like you carry me" <3

your fav is a wombat. my fav is an emu. random, i know - but hey, so is a wombat! :)

thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Anonymous said...

errr..."are too cute", not "is"

A mermaid in the attic said...

Hi Shannon, just popping over to toss my name into the hat too! Your kangaroo reminds me so much of one my grandmother made, goodness, probably way back in the 40s, which my mum still has. A toy that was made with love and kept and cherished with love too!

xx Christina

Chamberman said...

Hi. Throwing our names into the hat again. One of our kids favourite books about Australian ANimals is "Wombat Stew". We often make our own wombat stew out of sand mud and gum leaves!

michelleK said...

Your creatures are gorgeous. I'm a west aussie mamma and we love getting out into nature. My favourite australian animal is the platypus, Hands Down!. i have only ever had one sighting in the wild but it was so soooo magical..

I hope I win your giveaway

Have a lovely day!

<3 Michelle

Jane said...

I can see the argument for the wombat as a favourite - especially with Jackie French and Bruce Whatley's wonderful books - and it seems they are your favourite too. I'm torn between the sulphur crested cockies we have in abundance in Canberra, and possums... but I think for cute value the possum's gotta win.

erin said...

I'm making my next comment. I also have linked you on my site under "blog love". Your crafts are so beautiful & you have such great ideas... I liked your felt fairy wands a while back.

momma rae said...

oops! i completely forgot to say that the wombat is your fave. i've never seen one of those!

twigandtoadstool said...

entering again today! Hope that little kangaroo hops on over to the Toadstool!
xo maureen

erin said...

another comment for today. :-)

momma rae said...

wow, a platypus! that was my fave as a child. never seen one of those, either.

Domestic Diva said...

I think your favorite is a wombat. My little guy is currently fascinated by emus, so that's the big one here right now. It would make a great softie!

Thanks for the chance.