Thursday, January 20, 2011

Minyon Falls

During our holiday in Byron Shire we drove to the top of Minyon Falls in the Nightcap National Park. The Falls plunge a depth of around 100m into a deep palm-shaded gorge. It had been raining heavily and often in the days before we went so they were pretty spectacular.


After admiring the waterfall from above we drove about halfway down the mountain to follow the rainforest trail to the bottom of the falls. The walk was quite easy going down - a bit tougher on the way back up; especially as I spotted seed pods that would make magical boats and started loading up my arms with them ~ they weren't heavy but made balancing on the wet and slippery track a challenge!

The falls belong to the larger area known as Minyon Falls Flora Reserve. The area has high scientific, recreational and scenic value and so is excluded from all logging operations.


MM said...

Any leaches?

S said...

Funny you should ask! the big girl got one between her toes ~ she is a magnet for sucky things ~ when she pulled it off she bled like a stuck pig and we had a long conversation about anticoagulants.

anna said...

What beautiful, beautiful pictures. I love the last one especially :)

Val said...

I agree with Anna :0)

Anonymous said...

I remember having the same experience as your big girl when wandering through rainforest in Tasmania. Got one between the toes. It itched for about a month.
Got one on my leg just the other day here, at home! It's been raining so much it's like a rainforest. themother