Sunday, January 23, 2011


Do you think they will ripen in time to have them fresh on our Australia Day pavalova on Wednesday? Oooooo I hope so. The big girl and I are going to get dirty in the nicest way making lamingtons too.


Natalie/Woolhalla said...

Please excuse me for putting this here, but I can't find your e-mail and want to email you about something! Can you send me an e-mail at woolhalla[at]netidea.com.
Love the flowers! Natalie

gardenmama said...

We have grown passionflower in containers in the summer but they have never given fruit, it is too cold I believe... This is amazing to see the fruit here, I would love to see the inside and what you do with them! It truly is a magical flower!

anna said...

Ooh I hope so too! I have these in my garden and I just couldn't believe it when I saw the flowers for the first time. Aren't they the strangest things!

Anonymous said...

I have just stumbled across your blog... Lovely images, crafts and inspiration. Thank you, Celia.

m. bloom said...

Lovely flower... The vines and flowers grow here, too, but I've never seen a vine in California give fruit (I'll have to look into that one because I'm considering replacing the vines on our pergola... Please excuse my ignorance... what's a lamington?

Good luck to your big girl with her first day of school!

S said...

Done Woolhalla.
Gardenmama I think they would do much better in the ground rather than pots.. you can get frost tolerant varieties but not so sure about snow and ice tolerant... I will cut it open and take a picture just as soon as it is ripe - they taste delectable sweetly tart juicy little pips of heaven.
Anna I love their flowers they are so beautiful and you are right like nothing else I've ever seen.
thank you celia.
M. Bloom - Lamingtons are sponge cake squares coated in chocolate and rolled in coconut…the best ones are split and have jam and cream in the middle! they are an Aussie thing.