Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why do I craft?

Today it was for company, freedom from routine, tactile creativity, satisfaction and the act of giving back to my school community.

This sweet little sand doll is called Perry. Years ago a child had a doll very much like Perry (in fact it was Perry, this one is a copy). A couple of talented women looked at the doll and made a pattern and 'Perry' came to live in the school Treehouse (our little shop filled with wonderful hand crafted things, craft supplies, books, laughter and on Fridays cake, coffee and tea too).

Everyone who comes into the shop admires Perry. We pick him up and love the feel of his weight in our hands. We love that he can sit, lean over and even do the splits. His torso is softy stuffed with springy wool, his cotton velour jumpsuit invites us to stroke it. When we look into his sweet little face ~ downy white mohair fringe, big brown eyes, rosey cheeks and rosebud lips...we all want to take him home, but he is not for sale.

Today one of the women who drafted the Perry pattern ran a workshop ~ it was small, just five of us but holidays started yesterday so many families have loaded their cars and driven off exploring. I wanted to go to the workshop to make a Perry doll, to share the better part of the day in the company of wonderful women, to eat good food and be free of any responsibilities for five hours ~ it was bliss!

But I don't really need another doll; the girls have plenty for their play and for cuddling. Instead I made a Perry cousin who will be for sale in the Treehouse when term goes back.
She is the purple one on the left.


Natalie @ the little gnomes home said...

Oh Shannon, these little 'Perry dolls' are so sweet. I don't think i could have been so generous as you and parted with her!

...and you lucky lady, 5 hours of crafting with friends and CAKE!


Murray and Roscoe said...

I love this little doll. And I agree it must be very hard to part with such a sweet cousin

W-S Wanderings said...

Those dolls are GORGEOUS! I can easily see how one would fall in love with them. Beautiful handwork.

m. bloom said...

I echo all that has been said above... esp. Natalie's comment... 5 hours of crafting with friends and CAKE!


momma rae said...

so cute!! what a beautiful gift to your school to donate such a lovingly crafted creation.

anna said...

Oh my goodness, these dolls are GORGEOUS! I'm amazed you could part with a single one. Absolutely beautiful.

Emma said...

so beautiful! Where can I buy the pattern??? :)

S said...

Ah you are all very kind. she is quite beautiful and I have since decided I will make one for me - in green.
Emma, you can'y buy the pattern (yet) I'm going to chat with the designers and see if they would like to sell them, they are currently making kits for people so stay tuned.