Thursday, September 8, 2011

Join with me in a lucky pincushion swap

According to some wonderful old legend, placing a tomato on the mantelpiece or shelf of a new home guaranteed prosperity and repelled evil spirits; I’m thinking new home ~ old home, we could all do with a little prosperity.

As you well know, tomatoes are a seasonal fruit so people had to improvise their good luck in the off season. A circle of red fabric rounded and stuffed with sand or sawdust sort of looks like a tomato; the improvised good-luck symbol also served a practical purpose—a handy place to stick pins!

Being a very practical person I have several pin cushions. The wet felted ball below has not only been a very handy holder of pins but also a source of decorative flights of the imagination for creative pin placement by my big girl (and general stabbing of pins by the wee one).
Flights of imagination lead me to show you this treasured possession; a whimsical nesting bird of perfect pink plumage made for me by Margaret of We Bloom Here.
Pin placement needs to be carefully considered so as not to poke the bird or her pretty blue eggs.

My mother, hearing me prattle on about pretty pincushions, introduced me to a friend of hers who makes beautiful pincushions from old canister lids…I couldn’t resist.

This ‘traditional’ tomato I made from the sleeve of an old jumper as a gift for Margaret; I completed it with a needle felted caterpillar pin. (I later made myself one minus the grub)

Then came the book Pretty Little Pincushions
Ahh …a whole book dedicated to pincushions! They are not all pretty either; there are instructions for some most fabulous eyeballs – takes the saying “poke a pin in your eye” to a whole new level!
Have a look here.
Anyway it didn’t take long til I started wanting more. This is where you come in…
Wanna Swap?
I know pincushion swaps have been done, but not by me. Nor have I had the fun of participating in one, so here goes: this swap is open to anyone who is keen.

Pincushions are a perfect excuse to use up fabric and other scraps you’ve been saving and I quote “they also lend themselves beautifully to experimentation, variation, and quick and easy multiples for the loveliest mini-presents ever” (page 7 of Pretty little pincushions, S Brill (ed)  2007).

The swap opens today, September 8, 2011. Sign-ups will close Sunday evening September 25th 2011 (Eastern Australian time) all pincushions need to be complete and ready for postage by the first week of October.

Please join me in my pincushion madness; send an email that details your name, mailing address, email address & blog URL (if you have one.) to:

Shannon AT my midwives DOT com DOT au

If you fancy making and swapping more than one pincushion, only want to post within your own country or have any other request let me know that too and I will try and sort it all out.

Need some more inspiration?

Sweeter than chocolate buttons Toadstool Cottage and Mushroom House free pattern and tutorial from the little house by the sea.

The lovely Hyena in Petticoats has posted a tutorial for this simple four square patch pincushion on her blog paper.strings.cloth  tho she was almost embarrassed at calling it such, it is so easy.
Lion Brand has this free Amigurumi crochet Tea Cup Pincushion in their stash of patterns and the skill level is EASY!

Bec, who blogs at 'Bec I am' agrees that a girl cannot have too many pincushions; and has thrift shopped her way to make this one

While she naps has similar ideas  on a smaller scale.

Barefoot shepherdess exquisitely embroiders her simple cushions.


And for when you just need a few pins watching over your flock

 Sign ups for this swap have now closed

Thank you to each of the crafty bloggers who gave me permission to use their images and share their links.


Jo @ Indigo Inspirations said...

Oh Shannon...I have never really given pin cushions too much thought....until now. That mushroom and some of the others are just so beautiful....
I will add them to my list of things to do....xox

Hinterland Mama said...

I just wish I had some time to join in, but alas - we're moving house this month!
I can't wait to see the piccies of the little treasures everyone comes up with. The photos you have included in this post for inspiration, are too cute for words.
I'll link to this post on my fbook page, if that's ok? There's bound to be more crafty folk who would love know about this and join in with you. ღ

Hinterland Mama said...

Hope the facebook link for this swap is ok with you Shannon. Here it is: https://www.facebook.com/HinterlandMama ღ

S said...

HM ~ that is fine; thanks.
Jo - join in I bet you could make something fabulous!

Rebecca said...

Have never made a pin cushion... If I join up and mine turns out a dud will you still love me?

K said...

Hullo, there! I have been aching to make a pin cushion. And here I find someone else who loves them - not alone in the world. I"d like to play. Especially as I don't have to be done till October - which is a boon. So please let me play, too!!

Linda said...

Dear Shannon,
I would love to join in this swap. Your blog post is wonderful! I am happy to swap anywhere in the world:)
Love to you my dear friend,

the little gnomes home said...
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Natalie @ the little gnomes home said...

They all look so lovely....count me in! I would love to give one a go :)

Juise said...

They are so cute! I wish I could join in, but I've not made a pincushion before and I'm not sure I could make one worth trading. ;) Have fun!

S said...

Welcome aborb Linda, Little Gnome and K - thsi will be fun!
Hey Mama, of course I will x
Juise, don't be like that! The first one I ever made was the blue felted ball and the second was that great big round tomato... I promise they are super easy, you might just get hooked!

Bec I am said...

Yes please, would love too, great idea. X

W-S Wanderings said...

I'm in! I'm in! Will send you an email...

Rachel said...

Pincushions are so fun to swap! Small and beautiful, don't take a ton of time to create, plus cheap to mail! Perfect! I'll be sending an email...

Juise said...

Haha, okay! Here's what I'll do. I will try to complete one by the *sign-up* deadline, and if I can do it and it looks tradeable then I will sign up. :) This will also eliminate the risk of not being complete by the finishing deadline, as I was rather deadline incompetent prior to kids, and now... well, I just try to avoid anything with meaningful deadlines. ;)

It's not that I would not like to try, I'd just hate to sign up and then only be able to come up with something blobby and ugly that some poor sap will get in return for a beautifully handcrafted and original cushion that they spent a long time on and would have much rather kept than receive mine. ;)

S said...

WSW, Bec and Rachel - Yipee!
Fabulous Juise - tho the whole point is that they are not supposed to take a long time, they are quick to make an use up all sort of bits you thought couldn't be used, and they look lovely...and are quite handy. looking forward to seing your creation.

Beth said...

Ok, I have been resisting, but just can't any longer, lol! Count me in, and I'm happy to swap with anyone, anywhere.

S said...

Fabulous Beth! Can you send me an email at shannon AT my midwives DOT com DOT au with your details? Cheers. S

frau kreativberg said...

Me too!! I'd love to share :)

Oliver said...

I'm in! Great idea. I don't even have one pin cushion!

nityakalyani said...

Dear Shannon,I liked your thought of show casing various projects to inspire people to be part of the swap. I would like to participate. Will make one and share the link as soon I post it .Please do visit nityakalyani-kalmat.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's too late for me to swap a pincushion? I have a cute one that's nearly finished!

S said...

Celiasews, it is not too late if you are happy to swap with me... that will have me making four pincushions but on the upside that gets me four sparkly new ones too! email me if you want to swap. S

Amanda said...

I realized that I accidentally posted with my husband's account before. Oliver will be very embarrassed if everybody thinks he's hot for pin cushions! If possible, I'd still like to participate!