Sunday, April 8, 2012

day dreaming...

We spent the last couple of days in the Northern Rivers of NSW. We do it to ourselves quite regularly and as we gaze into the hinterland and later wiggle our toes in the sand we make plans, dream little dreams and imagine another life, a less busy one... one with a few acres of space and a river meandering through our own bit of rainforest.

This time tho we had found a fabulous home to be had in a little place called Dorroughby - in the pictures it looked perfect, the price exceptional and so we spoke to the agent, decided to make a weekend of it, packed the car and took off.

It sold before we could get a look! So disappointed but well, what can you do? It was obviously just like the pictures promised it would be and the current owner didn't want to wait for us to look and perhaps offer a better price "a bird in the hand..."

So we went anyway and gazed into the Hinterland, wiggled our toes in the sand, built a few sancastles and knocked them down again, splashed in the cool waters of Brunswick Heads, marveled at the luminous blue glow worms under the night sky at Natural Bridge in Springbrook National Park and then we came home again...a little sad but hopeful that something will turn up for us soon.

A lovely side-step to our trip was that I met Jo from Indigo Inspirations, she blogged that she had some beautiful little Belle and Boo Easter tins for sale and while at first I resisted, when I looked again I caved in and got the girls one each. Jo lives in Mullumbimby which is right in the middle of our Hinterland beach dream so I picked the tins up in person and we chatted a bit - was so nice to meet her. The girls were both asleep in the car even tho it was the middle of the day - late night glow worming! and so while I would have loved to have stayed and talked and had a really good look around the little co-op crafty shop of goodness it was not to be (this time).

Back home this morning for the Easter rabbit to do his thing, and a stunning morning it was.

And because my children are spoilt by a mother who can't resist a pretty thing, they got these too

from Purple Petunia here.


Jo @ Indigo Inspirations said...

It was so nice to meet you too Shannon....I really love to meet my blogland friends. It sounds like you had a lovely little holiday and you certainly had the 'best' weather...maybe there is a better house out there just waiting until the time is right....
Hope the girls loved the little tins!!
Enjoy the rest of your holidays ♥Jo

Tania said...

You know what? 'Twas meant to be. Think termite infestation - or something. Your perfect place is going to show up and you're just going to have to be on the ball for when it does.

Rebecca said...

I reckon there's a better one for you. Love. XX

Stacey said...

Your Easter looked wonderful Shannon. I got my wee one a tin off Jo also, aren't they sweet? I hope your dream home finds you soon. In the meantime the day trips away looking can be a blessing of their own.

Hinterland Mama said...

Oh I love Valerie's pottery surprises! I wander over to take a peek at her creations when I remember. Treasured gifts I am sure.
Happy Easter Shannon.
I'm sure the perfect property isn't far away. ღ