Friday, February 15, 2013

From little things...big things Bloom. Making Peg Dolls - the book tour continues!

This post brings me such delight. Two years ago, maybe a little more, I recieved a comment on this blog which read something along the lines of "I have an idea. Please email me". The author of that comment was Margaret Bloom of we bloom here, her idea was a swap, a peg doll swap. In the months that followed I made a firm and treasured friend and my house slowly but surely became home to dozens of tiny peg dolls...

In the years since, our family collection of tiny peg dolls has grown beyond the walls of the little doll house they first populated. They now peek out of bookshelves, stand tall on windowsills and dance upon tables. I find them in baskets and tiny boxes, in pockets and bags... in the bathroom and in beds. They never fail to make me smile.

And then, one day Margaret told me she was writing a book. A book to be filled with the little people and sprites, gnomes and creatures that were filling her house too! Over what felt like an eternity she fed me with little morsels and pictures that made me croon. I can't remember a time I was so restless with anticipation.
From the very beginning my favourite was the Michaelmas dragon; I can't explain why but I LOVE it. For me there was no question, it was going to be the first doll I made when I had my hands on the book.

And then it arrived :) The book feels great in my hands. It is weighty and bursting with colour and cuteness! There are step by step instructions to make over 60 different dolls - dolls for every season, dolls for festivals, story telling and sheer sweetness. Patterns made to follow exactly or inspire new ideas. Doodle pages and painting tips, snippets of stories to make you want to read more. All things to make you smile.

I am so gratified to be part of Margaret's Making Peg Dolls blog tour (tho it is very likely I would have sulked and refused to answer emails if she had not invited me). I hope to do her creativity and cleverness credit with this little story crafted from a few wooden peg dolls, a bit of paint, felt, silk and just a little twist on the patterns in her book.

Tell me a story - The Paper Bag Princess
 by Robert Munsch & Michael Martchenko

Once there was a beautiful princess (Elizabeth). She lived in a castle and had expensive princess clothes. She was going to marry a prince named Ronald.

Unfortunately, a dragon smashed her castle, burnt all her clothes with his fiery breath, and carried off Prince Ronald.

Elizabeth decided to chase the dragon and get Ronald back. She looked everywhere for something to wear but the only thing she could find that was not burnt, was a paper bag. So she put on the paper bag and followed the dragon....

...Finally Elizabeth came to a cave with a large door that had a huge knocker on it. She took hold of the knocker and banged on the door. The dragon stuck his nose out of the door and said. 'Well a princess! I love to eat princesses.....'

Elizabeth is a resourceful and clever princess and the dragon is a bit of a flaunt - 'is it true, said Elizabeth, 'that you can burn up ten forests with your fiery breath?' 'Oh yes,' said the dragon....

At this point I must abandon my story telling because I don't want to ruin the middle or the ending! It was not my intention that you would read this post and immediately sucumb to the overwhelming desire to buy two books - just one! The Paper Bag Princess has a most fabulous and unconventional ending and can be found free and well loved on the shelves of your local library. Making Peg Dolls by Margaret Bloom on the other hand is so new it is nowhere near a library shelf and will be so well love by you and yours, you would never want to return it anyway!

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DaffodilAngel said...

What lovely dolls you have made - I think this book would be perfect for anyone who loves making things.

MamaWestWind said...

Love all of your peg dolls and story. & I also love hearing the back story on your friendship as well! I also got an email around that time, with Peggy asking if she could use a photo as peg doll inspiration for that swap. Fun to think how about how it all began.


softearthart said...

What wonderful peg dolls and tale,
cheers Marie

Cynthia said...

Oh my gosh, each stop on this tour gets cuter and cuter just when I didn't think it could, Winter isn't even over and I am looking forward to making a Martinmas Dragon already! Your dragons are darling!

ziezo said...

This tour is getting better and better. I absolutely LOVE the dragon and your story! One more reason to get my hands on this book.

crafty elsie said...

Love your post. So glad the tour brought me to your blog :)

How the Sun Rose said...

How sweet. Peg dolls surely come alive in such stories.

Sandra said...

Paper Bag Princess is one of our all-time favorite stories - and by the look of Making Peg Dolls - it can become one of the most referred books here :)

Lacey (schoolhousefarm) said...

I love Margaret and this idea! can't wait to have our own copy, and to have a house full of peg dolls--they're darling. Also love the Paper Bag Princess!

Stacey said...

I had never heard that story before but searched it out after you mentioned it here, it's wonderful. Funny enough a day or so before you posted this we bought a peg doll knight and princess from the' Treehouse at "the big school" as Rilla calls it :) Hope all is well with you and yours x