Saturday, April 10, 2010

I've been making... a toadstool house

 a Fairy Toadstool House

this one is not mine; mine is not actually finished yet... and with the new crossstitch commitment keeping me busy til early June it won't be for awhile. I will give it to the girls for Christmas (with some little pixies and gnomes to play in there of course) BUT here it is so far...

there is a little window box, just out of the picture on the left, so I'll needle felt some three dimentional flowers to grow there. I need to add leaves to the tree, birds to the nest, butterflies, more grass, some flowers... I have made the made the roof tho - just need to add half a dozen or so white dots!

Our workshop co-ordinators were the incredibly talented Nikki Fletcher and Mia Faulks from the Silkwood Steiner School on the Gold Coast. I am so grateful they drove down to Brisbane to share themselves and their time for the two days, especially as Mia is due to give birth to her second child any week now.

Fairy toadstool house kits are $45 AU which includes everything you need barr scissors and needles (yes, even the grass playmat!) You just need a little inspiration and some time up your sleeve. If you would like to buy a kit I can give you contact details for Nikki - just leave me a comment.

just a few happy women busy beautifying their houses

BTW - the wee girl - didn't take the bottle...all that lovely milk down the sink! My beloved said she didn't cry - he kept her busy and fed her extra lunch. Seems I worried for nothing, tho she did seem quite keen for a long cuddle when I got home which was very nice, for us both, because I missed her.


Linda said...

Oh Shannon, I think I need 1 of those kits! They are just lovely:) Thank you for sharing the details, I will be contacting Nikki:)

Melissa said...

Wow, that is absolutely stunning! Can I get the details of how to buy one? Glad to hear your girl had a happy day.x

The Mama. said...

I need one too... in about 12 months though. Unfortunately it would just sit here gathering dust for now... :-(

time4craft said...

Hi Shannon,
thanks for your beautiful comments on our toadstool house workshop.Yours is comming along well!Ive now got my blog up where people can contact me to buy a kit.
I would love to do a post about the Samford workshop .Maybe I could interveiw you .let me know if you like the idea.
cheers for now and thanks again