Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've finished my gift

for the heart swap. I can't show it to you yet... that would ruin the surprise!
But here it is all wrapped up.
I even found this pretty paper in my stash - how serendipitous.
Now must get to the post office and get it on its way to South Africa.

Here is a picture of my dining table when I'd finished creating; there are clues if you knew what you were looking for but....have a look over the back there, on the right -

Who is that sleeping on my quilt?
(which is still under the machine mid quilting and I might add - on the dining table, so what is he doing on it doubly so)

Oh, it is Mia...

(sorry bout the shoddy pictures, my camera broke and i have to use the one in my phone)


softearthart said...

Hi, The little fairy house is real cool,your table shows that you love crafting ,it is full of ideas and stuff. cheers Marie

Melissa said...

I love the state of your table - creativity in action!

Linda said...

Ooh, I can't wait to see what you have made:)

Carle' said...

Hi there Shannon,

I was so excited to recieve this gift, and I was surprised at how much effort to put in for me. It is so lovely and will be used and treasured for my life.

Im sure Linda told you of our serious family difficulties and that I have not been able to devote love to making your gift.

But today was a new day and I felt free from the guilt I had for not blessing you sooner. I sat with my boys and we crafted together. I have now finished your love token, and hope you like it.I will post it tomorrow morning.

Thank you for gifting me twice, once with the treasures and also by understanding how hard the last month has been. Your compassion helped me shift the guilt I had and helped me find my crafting mojo again.

You shared the love in the best way possible

thank you