Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pine Cone and Pepper Pot

Remember those little red parcles all wrapped up and sent flying across the globe? They were my contribution to We Bloom Here's inaugural wee wooden people exchange. And here is what was in there...

 “Pine Cone and Pepper Pot are friends. Their house lies underneath the roots
of an old pine tree, deep in the forest on Farmer John’s land. They wear earthy
green jackets and pants, and both have red boots with pointy, curling-up toes.
They also have red caps that sparkle on top ~ 
especially when they are excited or have good ideas!”

From The Magic Knot & Other Tangles! A comedy starring Pine Cone and Pepper Pot and the lovely Tiptoes Lightly; by Reg Down.

My Postie has been visiting us often over the last week and we nearly have all our return gifts, as soon as they are all in my clutches I will post some pictures to delight you ~ such cleverness and creativity!

My big girl took part in the swap too. She made pretty little Geisha dolls from scraps of fabric she has been collecting while I have been making her birthday quilt. Each doll travelled with a little origami crane to her new owner. She is waiting patiently too... If we can fly to America or Canada in a day why can't the mail?


Anonymous said...

Such excitement!! Isabella (my daughter) is waiting patiently for Peg dolls to start arriving. I hope you have already received her sweet Peg creation :)

eidolons said...

Your daughter's dolls are *amazing!*

I got your wee gnomes on Saturday (and have been majorly slacking on the posts and emails. ugh). I love them! It was such a delight opening your brightly colored package. Thank you so much! (:

M. Bloom said...

My little Mr. B. loves Pinecone, Pepperpot & wee Miss Tiptoes (the dolls are here in front of me on the window sill even as I type this...) Little Mr. & I have taken a break from reading Tiptoes & have moved on to Lord of the Rings (he's also reading the Narnia series.) Now, wouldn't that be cute... a Gollum peg doll, or maybe an Orc?


momma rae said...

pine cone and pepper pot have arrived here in north carolina!! they are so well loved. we were already engrossed in a tiptoes book so they join us each night as we retell their adventures with tiptoes and jeremy mouse. they could not be more perfectly suited for us. thank you so much!!! i hope your daffodil has arrived....

Anonymous said...

They are all so adrorable! Your daughter is very talented, her Geisha dolls are just too cute for words!

Tania said...

Just out and out sweetness - ALL of 'em!

Severine said...

I just found your blog. You make very nice things. How nice of you to share so much with everyone, by giving the tutorials. Thank you! I'll be visiting your blog frequently, I think.
Greeting from the Netherlands