Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Craft Group - felt braclets

Ahh a week of bliss; no cutting...just rolling and rolling and rolling.
Felted beads are a super easy thing to do and can be used in so many ways. Google felt balls/beads and there are a zillion tutorials that show you how.

...in other news; the big girl's birthday is a week away.
Remember the cross stitch? well i have worked out that i have about 15 hours left to finish it in (I can manage about two and a half hours each night til i go cross eyed) and i think i might just do it; but oh! the beading is nuts!

 She has asked ever so nicely for this cake:

with minor modifications (of course)
1. can it be heart shaped (yes, I have a heart shaped tin)
2. can she have rainbow icing (ummm i reckon i can do that)

I'm going to be a little busy next Wednesday...


TwigandToadstool said...

lovely bracelets...nice use of felt balls! We have a birthday next week too...my daughter is turning 7 on Thursday...I enjoy the thought of a mother on the other side of the world working on her daughters gifts just as hard as I am here!!
Good luck with your preparations!!

Ariella said...

Love these!

S said...

It is a lovely thought Maureen... I do love birthdays.
When my big girl turned seven i bought her a lovely book called the seven year old wonder book - there is a little blurb about it here: http://www.steinerbooks.org/detail.html?id=9780863155277 I think you might like it.