Monday, June 14, 2010

A hand crafted gift for my big sister

Quite a few moons ago my sister and I were madly sending silly emails back and forth the 1000 odd km (630miles) between Sydney and Brisbane. In them we were attaching pictures of weird and wonderful things we had found on etsy and either squealing with delight or recolling in horror and what people could make (...and had made) from felt.
 My sister quite likes mice; I found this little house:
of course she wanted it, but resisted the $100 odd dollar price tag, afterall she is a grown woman with no children and sometimes coveted things cannot really be justified sensibly. The original was made by MuddyFeet see their fabulous etsy shop here (~thank you to Luckybeans for your help to name them~ )

I said to myself, said I, ..I think I can, so I did!

Tis pumpkin season here - seemed a fitting mouse house.

While I was felting and fulling and stitching and sanding and painting I kept remembering the story of Pumpkin Crow...

"And what?" asked Tiptoes. She was curious now.
"And Pumpkin Crow." croaked  Mr Crow in a hoarse whisper, peering around nervously.
"Pumpkin Crow!" cried Tiptose surprised.
"Yes," said Mr Crow, looking embarrassed. "He got his head stuck inside a pumkin last fall. That's how he got his name. And now...well...." Mr Crow did not want to finish the story. It was such an embarrassing thing for his family.
"I see'" said Tiptoes, who knew how proud crows were of their kin. "So why are you telling me all this?" she asked.
"Well.... now.... it seems..." he hesitated nervously. Mr Crow blushed bright red. ( A blushing crow is really a horrible sight!) "Well ...... now......" he continued, "Pumpkin Crow has his head caught in another one."
Tiptoes tried not to smile.
"It's not funny," said Mr Crow. "He's really stuck!"
"Okay," said Tiptoes, "I'll come," and off they flew.


mm said...

Ps, I've pinched your pics!xx

gardenmama said...

Oh, my goodness!!!
How cute!!! : )

Melissa Luxmoore said...

They are sooooo darn cute! you have one lucky sister :) Nice job, Shan!

momma rae said...

eek!! so darn cute!! you are so very talented. what a lucky sis you have! ;) tiptoes is a BIG hit here. my daughter has been requesting tiptoes for her night story for months on end.

S said...

Thank you lovely women - I had to make up the pattern for the mice so i took pictures as i stitched and will post a little how to mouse tutorial soonish.

Blue Skies & Dragonflies said...

awesome! i might have to make one of these for our lot...goegeous!

Love Bytes said...

holy dooley shannon, yours is WAY better than the original!

erin said...

adorableness... perhaps I can try this in the fall, although I'm not sure my felting skills are up to par.

Anonymous said...

The maker of the house is called "muddyfeet". You should look through their sold items, too. Amazing creations.

S said...

Thank you Luckyfeet - credit is now added where it is due and i have been back to look at the shop and shortyly will be spendingh bit of money ~ the creations are fabulous!

S said...

Luckybeans! sorry got my feet all tangled!