Thursday, October 21, 2010

(a little late) Wednesday Craft Group ~ Mermaid Pattern

 here she is...

You can upload the pattern from scribd here. I got it wrong last week, Mary Jane didn't make up the pattern, but she gave it to me ~ another friend Chris designed it; she tells me she is not precious about it and made it to give freely - originally for the school craft group I am not sure how many years ago. Thank you Chris; she is so beautiful.

So this is not really a tutorial but I did take a few how to pictures so you should be able to follow along. Last week I gave you a link for waldorf/steiner style heads if you hadn't made them before see that post here.

Ingredients list:
Stuffing fleece
linen thread
tubular bandage size 1 and a small piece of skin fabric for head and hands
1 pipe cleaner
felt for her body
beads or similar for embelishments
silk or english leicester fleece for her hair
embroidery threads

After you have made your head and upper chest attach the arms (pipecleaner) centrally on her back at scapula height. To do that, find the centre of the pipe cleaner hold it on her centre back and whip stitch (over and over) all the way across her back until it feels secure ~ knot it off.

Hold the doll up against your cut out body felt and bend back the pipecleaner so just enough 'hand' projects past her sleeve. Then wind fleece around and around to make arms and to cover the hands. Next take your little hand fabric squares and stretch them over the padded ends and using linen thread, or similar, wind around three times, knot three times...(that is how I was taught, old habits die hard).

Ok, now fit her into her 'suit' and blanket stitch all the way round ~ you need to do lots of tiny whip stitching around the head and hands, especially if she is to be a toy rather than a season table ornament, to make sure they won't come off when played with. Remember to leave open somewhere to stuff.

All she needs now is some hair and a few jewels. I used mohair and attached it from the nape of her neck up toward the crown with loads of tiny running stitches. I am sure there is a 'right way to do hair' but whatever works for you.

If you make one ~ leave me a link, I'd love to have a look. Cheers, S.


Donna said...

what a beautiful mermaid - love the colours on her tail.

Natalie @ the little gnomes home said...

Gorgeous - thanks for sharing. She is simply stunning! I hope to make one soon :)

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!

WonderWhyGal said...

Thank you for sharing the pattern.

How adorable! I think this may be a great craft to work with my daughter on.

Amber said...

Your mermaid is soo gorgeous! Thank you for taking the time to do this tutorial. Cannot wait to get started!

TwigandToadstool said...

How generous to share this pattern! Thank you!
xo maureen

Wild Maple Wool said...

What a beautiful and adorable little dollie!! I just discovered your blog--- how wonderful!


Southern Hemisphere Seasonal Exchange said...

Inspiring & Beautiful as always.Thankyou.

Your beautiful blog and Amber Greenes Mamamoontime blog has inspired me to try and organise a "Summertime" theme craft swap. Do you think you &/or some of your readers may me keen. I can send through the details if your interested.

Thanks again

S said...

Thank you all - I am really pleased with how she turned out. Mary-Jane really made some lovely felt which makes the difference I think.

Dear South...HSE, Yes please send some details, that would be lovely.

Amber said...

Hi Shannon,
Would you please be able to tell me what exactly I am looking for in regards to the silk or mohair hair? Any ideas where I can find some? Thank you!

S said...

Sorry Amber, I meant, English Leicester Fleece not mohair. have a look at the images here and here I'm not sure where you are so can't tell you where to find it outside Australia, but anywhere that you buy felting products should have both the fleece and silk fibres too.

Kelly said...

A very sweet little mermaid. The best I've seen. My little boy loves mermaids and lots we look at look a bit creepy. Yours is happy and sweet and he says its very nice!

Unknown said...

She's adorable Shannon, so very pretty. My little boys to love mermaids. I hope to make them one soon.

connorlove said...

Dearest Rythm & Rhyme -
You Rock. I've been so wanting to make beautiful mermaids to replace the ones - plastic, practically bald, depressing - that were gifted to my children and Voila! here you are! Thank you, I'll adore you from afar.

S said...

Thank you Coco, my pleasure!