Sunday, April 18, 2010

In an effort to be realistic with my time

I have taken the gigantic step of doing something by half (my mother says i never do anything by halves). remember the cross stitch? well you may notice that the pattern has two mermaids...I have been working on it every chance i get while the big girl is out and the wee one is sleeping and i am working at a rate of about a square inch an hour (it is very fine linen) which means at the end of week one i have almost completed the tail fin of the smaller mermaid.
So, deep breath and mother guilt aside, I am only going to stitch one mermaid. She will be beautiful on her own and it is not as if the big girl has ever seen the pattern so she won't know!
Phew. i've said it, I will never get it done in time otherwise. Besides I still have to finish the quilting, the socks, make a doll for my wee girls first birthday. and there coordinating craft group every week, the school open days stall, the spring festival and, and, and and.... I am exhausted I feel like i never finish anything anymore and we have to keep moving piles of 'stuff' around the dining table every night so we can sit and eat!
i can't dally anymore here either - Arrggg what happened to my life?


Linda said...

Dear Shannon,
What a wonderful mother you are:) All these lovely gifts you are making for your little one:)
Have an inspired day and know that you are an amazing person:)

Anonymous said...

Your cross-stitch mermaid should be wonderful, my pet, and who needs more than one mermaid anyway? I know she'll treasure it, like I treasure my Siamese puss with verse, that lives over my pillow. Love, themother

S said...

Thank you Linda and you too Mum, for what little I know Linda you too are a wonderful mother and Mum - i learnt quite a bit of my mothering from you xx